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As a resident of the Triad, you know that the weather can vary wildly between the seasons, weeks, or even days. It’s not completely out of the norm for us to have snow one weekend that is melted by Tuesday with the sun shining and the temperature in the 60s!

This is because the Triad is in a transition zone, where there is less of a clear division between the warm and cool seasons.

While this can be good for people who prefer a more mild climate, it also means that there are a wide variety of grasses planted in lawns throughout the Triad, as it can be hard to tell which type of grass is best suited for each lawn. The winter can be too cold for warm season grass, while the summer can be too warm for cool season grass. For this reason, certain types of grass are better for different parts of the Triad.

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Warm season grasses do well with less water and survive well in the heat of summer. However, they are not resistant to the cold and will go dormant in the winter without proper lawn care.

The warm season grass turf programs are shorter than those program for cool season grass. There are three initial applications in spring, followed by two treatments in summer, and two treatments in fall. This program is primarily fertilization and weed control-based. Fungicide and grub control can be added as an additional service.

Some common examples of warm season
grasses in the Triad are:

  • Bermudagrass
  • Centipedegrass
  • Zoysiagrass

Cool season grasses tend to thrive in spring and fall when temperatures are lower. In summer they will be stressed due to the excessive heat unless you invest in lawn treatment.

Our turf programs for cool season grass lawns includes eight separate treatments, beginning in mid-Winter with two applications per season for one year. This treatment has more components than the warm season program. Some features of this program include slow-release fertilization, winterized fertilization, weed control, and post emergent crabgrass herbicide. Fungicide and grub control can be added as an additional service.

Some examples of cool season
in the Triad are:

  • Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Tall Fescue

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