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Residential and Commercial Lawn Care Winston Salem

We are a residential & commercial lawn care and landscaping company serving Winston Salem, Lexington and surrounding areas. We strive to help you have the best lawn possible that also accommodates all your outdoor needs.

We also believe that customer service is of utmost importance. We want you to feel heard and taken care of. This is why we offer free service calls no matter the reason. We will be there within 24 hours!

You can read more about our Residential and Commercial Lawn Care Services HERE.

Our Services

Landscape Design and Installation Winston Salem

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to landscaping like most national landscaping chains do. We know that everyone has different needs and desires for their yard so we want to help you design the perfect outdoor space for your needs. At Triad Weed Free our experts will look at your space, take your needs into account, and design a beautiful outdoor space that we know you’ll love. Next our team will install everything and you’ll be enjoying your new space in no time!

You can see more about our Landscape Design and Installation HERE.


Turf Programs (Sod Installation) Winston Salem

Living in the Triad, you know that the weather can vary wildly between the seasons, weeks or even days. We all know it can snow one day and be 70 degrees the next! This is because the Triad is in a transition zone, meaning we don’t have a big clear division between the seasons.

This can be great for people but it’s not so great for your grass. There are a wide variety of grasses planted in lawns throughout the Triad because it can be hard to tell which type of grass is best suited for each lawn. The winter can be too cold for warm season grass, while the summer can be too warm for cool season grass. For this reason, certain types of grass are better for different parts of the Triad.

Let our team of professionals walk you through the different types of grass that work well for your area. We can install sod or turf to help your yard look great no matter the weather!

You can see more about our Sod and Turf options HERE.


Mosquito and Bug Control Program Winston Salem

No one likes mosquitoes! If you’ve ever decided to stay inside instead of enjoying a warm Summer evening because of obnoxious mosquitoes, Triad Weed Free’s Mosquito Protection Program is perfect for your lawn.

Our Mosquito Protection Program provides better protection than a typical misting treatment. Misting only treats the barrier of your lawn. Our program covers your entire lawn, including ornamental plants and any other natural area that may be susceptible to mosquitos.

For the best results, we highly recommend our season-long control package. A single application lasts about 21-25 days, but we guarantee 100% satisfaction for the period of time that your package covers.

You can see more about our Mosquito Protection Programs HERE.

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