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grub control l Triad Weed Free l Winston Salem
Grubs are the immature larvae of beetles. They gain nutrients by feeding on the roots of grass, which can cause the grass itself to die. Grubs can be a self-sustaining problem, as the larvae eventually mature into beetles. These beetles will go on to lay their eggs in your lawn’s soil, and create an even bigger population of grubs.
If your grass is wilting, looks unhealthy, or is starting to turn brown, you may have a grub problem.
Look for an unhealthy patch of grass that is brown, or feel around for where the ground is soft and spongy. With a spade, pull up a small section of sod and see if there are grubs hiding in the soil. These little vampires are white and c-shaped. If you have a large number of them in a small area, they are likely causing major damage to your lawn.

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If you have an active grub problem, our contact insecticide will eliminate the problem instantly. But the best practice is Triad Weed Free’s season-long Grub Control, which is applied to the turf in early Spring and will protect your lawn throughout the entire season, guaranteed.
Our season-long Grub Control also eliminates other beetles such as:
If you add Grub Control as part of your specialized Turf Program, we offer a 25% discount on this service. We guarantee that you will have one full season grub-free.

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