01 Aug 2020

When you think of your yard and Fall you probably only think about falling leaves and how annoying it is to rake all those up.

You may think that Fall is the time when you can stop worrying about your grass as much but that just isn’t true. There are still things you can do in the Fall to help your lawn thrive.


Keep Mowing

Your grass doesn’t just stop growing because it’s getting a little cooler outside. It’s going to keep growing until the first frost so be sure to keep mowing to keep it looking nice and healthy. You also may want to mow it a little shorter during this time of year. Even though you may be mowing less, you should still be mowing often.


Water your lawn

Your yard still needs water to thrive. Don’t fall into the misconception that just because it’s Fall your yard needs less water. Pay attention to rain amounts so you know how much water your yard is getting. If you aren’t getting enough rain be sure to supplement watering your yard with a sprinkler.


Rake often

Leaving leaves on your yard can lead to your grass not getting enough sunlight, which can cause patches of grass to die. Wet leaves can also lead to fungi growing and messing up your grass. Rake often to keep your grass healthy. Raking often also makes getting up leaves easier. The more you let them accumulate the harder it is to rake them up and haul them off.


Aerate your lawn

Now is the time to be thinking about aerating your yard. Aerating in the Fall will help your lawn be healthy and lush during the following Spring and Summer. Aeration allows for more air flow to your yard. Triad Weed Free offers aeration services to fit your needs. Give us a call to schedule your lawn aeration.


Reseed any dead patches

Throughout the Summer you may have had a few patches of grass that didn’t quite make it. Now is the time to reseed those areas to get them looking healthy like the rest of your yard. Be careful not to over seed. Triad Weed Free also offers seeding services to help your yard look healthy and even.


Fertilize your lawn

Fall is a great time to fertilize your yard and to restore all those nutrients lost during the long, hot Summer.


Triad Weed Free is a local lawn maintenance company serving Winston Salem and the surrounding areas. We offer a variety of different services ranging from lawn care to landscape planning and installation. We can help you with almost all of these Fall maintenance tasks! Give us a call today to discuss your lawn care needs!


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