01 Aug 2020

Now that Summer is over you might be thinking that your gardening days are done for a while. That doesn’t have to be true. There are still a lot of things you can be doing in your garden in the Fall. During the Fall you want to start preparing your outdoor space for Winter. There are many areas of your outdoor space that can be prepared for Winter.


Tend to your trees and shrubbery

During the Fall you want to trim any dead leaves or branches off your trees and shrubs. Triad Weed Free offers a Tree and Shrub Program that goes into late fall. In this program we will prepare your trees and shrubs for the Winter ahead so that they are healthy and ready to thrive come the next Spring.


Tend to your perennials

Fall is also a great time to divide or move perennials. It’s also time to think about mulching your perennials. You want to do this after the first hard freeze but the Fall is a good time to start thinking about getting your plants ready for the Winter.


Clean up your Summer plants

Now that your vegetable garden is done producing, it’s time to dig up those dying plants. It’s also time to dig up any dying Summer annuals. This will spruce up your outdoor space and make it look nice and clean.


Take care of your soil

After you’ve dug up your Summer garden it’s a good idea to till the soil and put some kind of compost over it. This helps get your garden bed ready for next year’s plants.


Plant annuals

Now would be a good time to plant some Fall annuals to add a little color to your yard. Mums and Pansies are great fall options that will make your garden feel a little more inviting.


Triad Weed Free is a local, family owned lawn care and landscaping company. We offer landscaping services as well as residential and commercial lawn care services. Our services would be great to help you with all these Fall maintenance tasks. Give us a call today to schedule your lawn care.


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