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Cool Season Turf Programs

As a resident of the Triad, you know that the weather can vary wildly between the seasons, weeks, or even days. It’s not completely out of the norm for us to have snow one weekend that is melted by Tuesday with the sun shining and the temperature in the 60s!
This is because the Triad is in a transition zone, where there is less of a clear division between the warm and cool seasons.

Fescue Turf Program

Cool season grasses tend to thrive in spring and fall when temperatures are lower. In summer they will be stressed due to the excessive heat unless you invest in lawn treatment.

Our turf programs for cool season grass lawns includes nine separate treatments, beginning in mid-Win- ter with two applications per season for one year. This treatment has more components than the warm season program. Some features of this program include slow-release fertilization, winterized fertilization, weed control, and post emergent crabgrass herbicide. Fungicide and grub control can be added as an additional service.

The program listed below is our standard cool season turf program but of course with each lawn program is based off of a soil test and this program could change.

Cool Season Turf Programs l Triad Week Free l Winston Salem

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